Union City Teachers at Liberty Science Center PD for Design Thinking

Union City teachers strive to integrate STEM within their lessons.  Teachers turn key what they learn to their schools to spread their passion for STEM and learning.  This professional development was not only fun but also taught how Design Thinking could be used to help enhance classroom setting and lessons. 
task is to bring up groceries up several flights in one trip     two teachers putting together a structure with help of LSC teacher
happy teacher with clay brain using a 9v battery to create energy      two teachers writing their thinking process
These are teachers from Union Hill Middle School, Colin Powell, Emerson Middle School, and Veterans Memorial School that empower each other to experiment with problem based learning and student centered lesson.  Using the Design Thinking Framework Union City teacher make learning fun and rigorous.
teacher folding cardboard and straw to create structure     clay brain showing energy with a 9v battery attached
Thank you Liberty Science Center