About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Veterans’ Memorial Elementary School is to promote student achievement of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) by focusing on the teaching and learning process so that no child is left behind. Teachers and administrators hold high academic standards for all students and create a school with a spirit that nurtures the intellectual, emotional, and physical development of every student.  Students build their literacy skills so to empower them to explore, discover, and construct new knowledge in all content areas in a fun and engaging learning environment.  A variety of teaching strategies will be infused throughout instruction, including the integration of the visual and performing arts, to give every student the opportunity to learn in the way he/she learns best.  A parent is a child’s first teacher and will be encouraged to share ideas and actively participate in all areas of the school and its programs.  Teachers, administrators, parents, and students will share in the decision-making process and will make informed decisions based on all types of student data.  Every member of the Veterans’ Memorial Elementary School community will be committed to doing their best every day to promote student learning and success.